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WRALL Boys Win Big!!

WRALL Boys Win Big

Chase Padgett and Leyton Pinkney hammered home runs to power WRALL past Columbus Northern 8-0 Wednesday night in the State 11-12 Little League Tournament at Murphy-Candler Little League in Atlanta.

WRALL has outscored their four opponents 55-3 in the first four games of the tournament.

They play Toccoa Thursday night at 6 PM in the tournament semi-finals.

The Championship game is Friday night at 7 PM at Murphy-Candler Little League.

The winner of the state tournament advances to the Southeastern Regional Tournament in Warner Robins beginning August 3.



Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you.  Marsha Norman


Legally blind archer Im Dong-hyun set the first world records of the London Olympics, breaking his own record in the 72-arrow mark and helping South Korea set a team record in the ranking round on Friday.

Im broke the record he had set in Turkey in May by three points with a score of 699, hours before the 2012 Games official opening ceremony.

”This is just the first round, so I will not get too excited by it,” said Im, who has 10 percent vision in his left eye and 20 percent in his right.


Im Dong-Hyun


Find out more about Im Dong-Hyun, the legally blind archer who set the first two world records of the London Olympics.


He combined with Kim Bub-min and Oh Jin-hyek, smashing the record for 216 arrows with a total 2,087. That was 18 better than the mark South Korea set in May.

The 26-year-old Im has said that when he looks at the targets, he sees colors with blurred lines between them. He does not wear glasses in competition, saying he relies on distinguishing between the bright colors of the target.

He won gold medals in the team event at the 2008 Beijing and 2004 Athens Olympics.

Spectators hoping to catch a glimpse of the action were turned away from Lord’s cricket ground.

Preliminary rounds were listed as non-ticketed, so several thousand spectators showed up at the venue expecting to get in for free.

A spokeswoman for the London Games organizing committee said tickets were not advertised or sold for the qualifying events and ”we have always made it clear” that the early competitions were not open for spectators.

Homebuilder Confidence Rises 6 Points for July

The National Association of Home Builders/Wells Fargo Housing Market Index showed builder confidence in the single-family housing market reached its highest level in nearly a decade in July. According to the report, the index increased six points to a reading of 35 during the month, indicating sentiment in the new-home sector is strong.

Builder confidence increased by solid margins in every region of the country in July as views of current sales conditions, prospects for future sales and traffic of prospective buyers all improved.

The rise in confidence, along with record low mortgage rates and favorable home prices, the market for home buying is in great shape and could potentially lead to a recovery.

The index also showed positive signs for future sales, as the component measuring that figure increased 11 points.

Drought & Watering Bans Make Cacti a Garden Star

Landscaping with cactus has been an acquired taste for many gardeners, but it appears the appetite for the robust plants is growing. Lingering drought, watering bans and low-maintenance requirements are making cacti more popular.

Cacti are succulents, native to the New World. Approximately 250 of the recognized 3,000 species are found in North America.

If you’re going to plant cacti, put temperature-tested plants, cuttings or seeds — preferably those native to your area — in places with Southern exposures, if possible. Give them at least six hours of sun per day.

Provide a bed of 8 to 12 inches of sandy soil, supplemented by granite or gravel mulch. Be stingy about watering, particularly in autumn when the plants are evaporating away any surplus moisture.

Once cacti are established, they don’t need any extra watering and only a little supplemental watering when it’s extremely hot and dry.  Do give them some organic fertilizers — particularly if you are trying to optimize their flowering and accelerate their growth. Cacti don’t react well to chemicals that people commonly use throughout their landscapes.

Cacti may be stuck with a prickly reputation, but there are spineless, scented and edible varieties.  The hardy Beehive has fragrant flowers followed by edible fruit that tastes like strawberries

Monopoly Properties: Then & Now





Surprising Factors Affect Home Insurance Rates

Your home will obviously play a role in the price of your homeowners insurance. Stone front or vinyl siding? Your insurance agent will want to know all the details about what the company is insuring. More than that,  expect your insurance agent to ask questions about personal factors that will play a role in your final insurance rate.


Your home insurance rates may increase if you own pets. Some insurance companies may also require proof of pet breed, especially if you own a dog breed deemed “aggressive” or an exotic animal. Some agents and companies may even ask for pictures of your pets in order to finalize your rate.

Risky fun

If you have children, you may also have a swing set or a backyard trampoline. What fun! Your insurance agent won’t think so. These fun activities can be dangerous, so your insurance agent will see red and you’ll send them more green.

Credit rating

Your credit score will impact your homeowners insurance, so don’t be surprised if poor credit means a higher insurance premium. Insurance agents assume that if you haven’t been able to manage your money in the past, you’re a higher risk in the present. Do take the time to establish a good credit history now — you’ll need it when you purchase your home and get insured.


Expect an insurance agent to ask some questions about your lifestyle when you nail down your rate. If you’re a smoker, you may have a higher rate because of an increased risk of fire and damage to the home.

Age and homeownership history

If you’re young and have just purchased your first home, your insurance rate may be higher than people who are long-time homeowners or older and well established in the community. Similarly some insurance agencies will offer a reduced rate to retired individuals.


Where you live and local weather conditions will impact your homeowners insurance rates. A nearby fault line, proximity to a hurricane-prone coast line, or a flat prairie region where tornadoes often strike will all affect your insurance rates. If you can’t control where you live, do listen to the Insurance Information Institute and take necessary precautions that will help keep your rate as low as possible (new windows, storm doors, etc.). Not sure what changes you can make to your home to reduce your rate? Ask your agent!


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