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Daily Archives: September 26, 2012


Is it time for a whole new look and feel to your home’s interior or exterior? Aside from buying all new furniture, there are probably not many projects that will totally reinvent your living space like a fresh coat of paint.

And now is a great time for this project, whether you do it yourself or hire a professional.

A good first reason to tackle this in late summer, is temperature. Paint typically likes to dry in temperatures above 40 to 50 degrees. And without proper insulation, the exterior walls could be a lot colder than the interior walls. This means those exterior walls could have problems drying. This could lead to some walls being a different shade, or even faint stripes.

Another great thing about summer painting is you can ventilate your house by opening windows. This way, you may avoid some nasty—and potentially dangerous—fumes.

Finally, summer’s extra natural light and longer days will give you a better idea of the true color you’re putting on your walls. This could help you avoid waking up to a shade much different than you anticipated.

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